What’s the Latest in the Technical Sector?

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These are interesting times for the technical sector markets to say the least. Competition has never been keener between tech companies and creativity, new services, and constant improvements are the demands being placed on these companies to succeed in the crowded market. Especially where investors are concerned it takes confidence and consistency to impress traders enough to funnel their investment capital in the direction of a particular player.

USA writer Matt Krantz reported the news of Google’s corporate transformation to Alphabet after markets close on Friday. Financially the company will still retain multiple classes of stock offerings – Class A and class C which essentially ensures the companies’ founders can still maintain control even with the restructuring. While investors are lured by Google’s ability to successfully market data captured about their users’ activities and personal data they are not so enthralled by recent costly moves by Google that have been less that successful financially. Google will continue to trade under the familiar market symbols of GOOG for Class C and GOOGL for Class A stocks.

Krantz further puts forth his insight toward investor use of the ever-popular Twitter (TWTR). You don’t have to be an investor in Twitter to gain value from the social media phenomenon. There are multiple sites available that extract comments on particular ‘Tweets’ that provide insight into how people are feeling about companies, products, and even corporate management. Whether or not investors care or take action based on this information is subjective, but the tool is there for the asking.

Speaking of Twitter, it is now confirmed by the company that co-founder Jack Dorsey will be the company’s permanent CEO. The reaction by markets has shown a vote of confidence with shares rising 1.7% in early trading.

Facebook is not exactly standing by and watching the action, either.  The Telegraph reported that Facebook has entered into a deal with French satellite internet business Eutelsat that will provide internet access next year to parts of sub-Saharan Africa that has previously not had such services available. Facebook has continued to assert their intentions to provide internet access in remote sections of the world through their “internet.org” initiative.

Other News in the Technical Sectors

You can trust Apple to never rest on their laurels, either. Apple TV will be enhanced with open access to its universal search feature to such third parties as Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Showtime.

Microsoft is keeping busy as well with new offerings expected in the smartphone market including new Lumia models and a new Surface Pro tablet. Consumers will be offered new updated fitness bands with enhanced features.

How to keep track of the Technical Sector

Technical advances are announced on an almost daily basis as companies uncover new markets for existing products and find new innovative uses for technology. Creativity rules the tech sector and investors have their work cut out for them to keep up with advances that can influence the value of tech stocks.

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