What Stock Trading Platform Is Best for You?

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What Is Meant by Stock Trading Platform?

No two day traders of investors have the same exact approach to investment strategy or the same financial goals that formulate their investing approach. Investing in different categories of financial products such as stocks, bonds, forex, options, and futures requires a trading platform that meets your individual needs. What is meant by stock trading platforms and what are the differences between them?

Stock trading platform refers to the technical environment and features available to traders. This encompasses the type of device utilized in accessing the online broker’s services: smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers along with the type and number of features provided to customers. There are many detailed reviews available to investors related to trading platforms that will help to determine what features are most relevant to your trading style and strategy.

How Do You Select the Stock Trading Platform that is Right for You?

Your trading style is a strong influence on your stock trading platform decision. If you are constantly on the go and need to track stocks and trends from devices such as smartphones or tablets you will want to take advantage of a trading platform that is totally web-based so that you only need a browser from your device to access the broker’s services. A close alternative would be an application that you load to your phone or tablet that provides the functionality you need. Before you sign up for such services be certain the platform supports the technology you plan to utilize such as iOS or Android devices.

For traders utilizing technology with more full-function processing capabilities such as high-resolution graphics and more sophisticated charting and graphing functions desktop or laptop platforms may prove to be the platform of choice. This is not to say mobile devices do not provide a high level of service, as there have been great strides made in capabilities of mobile and web-based platforms.

Regardless of the technology that makes the most sense for your trading style, the key to selecting your platform is the tools and functionality provided versus your individual needs. Some of the more significant features you will want to utilize are:

  • Tracking of stock charts to monitor trends and performance. Many types of charts are available to day traders – make sure those that are most useful to you are available on your chosen platform.
  • Historical information – tracking of your buy and sell transactions through your broker. This helps you fine-tune your investment strategy through evaluating what worked and what did not turn out so well.
  • News feeds that keep you informed of global events that can impact your trading decisions.
  • Real-time stock tickers and watch lists that you can tailor and set your own criteria for the stocks you want to watch and prices that are important to your buying and selling.

The SureTrader Platform Advantage

SureTrader provides platform options that meet the needs of every trader. Features can be utilized that are easy to use by even beginning traders. As investors become more knowledgeable in the use of tools and trading techniques customers can benefit from the more sophisticated and advanced functions available on the SureTrader platforms. Multiple platforms are offered to our clients:

SureTrader ActiveWeb – our free web-based application for trading stocks and options.

SureTrader PRO – the platform and software preferred by day traders due to its advanced features and easy fully integrated point-and-click trading.

SureTrader is dedicated to the success of our customers including the best in trading platforms and software tools, combined with lightning-fast execution of trade orders.

Contact SureTrader right away to get started doing trading with the best in online brokers.


Disclaimer: SureTrader Blog is not intended for U.S. persons. Stock information is not to be viewed as buy or sell recommendations.

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