What Are the Latest Trends in Tech Stocks for Day Traders?

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Are Tech Stocks Providing Day Traders with Current Opportunities?

Tech stocks are practically custom made for day trading. Market volatility that impacts other segments is often over-shadowed by that of technology markets. New products are continually being announced at every level from business computers to software to smartphones. Even natural disasters across the globe can impact tech companies thousands of miles away. This has been proven by such instances as earthquakes in the Far East that impact production of computer chips utilized in laptop computers or smartphones. Such events can create short-term shortages that impact production and subsequently sales to prospective customers.

Monitoring individual tech companies can provide insight into where day traders can benefit from the cyclical impact of new product releases, production improvements or issues, and even lawsuits or political events that may impact the operational effectiveness of tech stocks.

What is Trending Now?

Tech markets never stand still. Recent trend in tech stocks include:

Rovi, a leader in entertainment technology recently announced the purchase of TiVo, a pioneer in digital video recording and on-demand television services. The announcement resulted in increased share values for both companies.

Microsoft, a leader in software, hardware products, and IT services has experienced a recent drop in sales and net income due to less than favorable current market conditions. This makes stock prices a current bargain. With the company’s long-term excellent record for EPS and positive cash flow it becomes a low risk tech stock trading investment.

LinkedIn has had its share of troubles early this year making the stock value drop accordingly. But the company has many initiatives in the works for expanding use by HR departments for both investigating candidates and actually sourcing potential candidates directly from LinkedIn. This could provide the right opportunity to get into LinkedIn.

Cisco has long been a leader in the area of networking hardware, but the company is turning to new potential for revenue through providing cloud-based services for companies expanding into the Internet of Things. Growth and revenue potential could be the right combination for tech stock trading.

First Solar has had a decline in recent times but the global demand for renewable energy is working in the company’s favor to bring the value back to a very respectable level.

These are of course only a few opportunities to be considered for day trading. Watching the news trends and global markets will help you determine the best opportunities that align with your trading goals.

Tech Stock Trading Online

Leveraging technology for your online trading of tech stocks is the right combination to make your trades quickly and successfully. Selecting the right online broker for your trading activity enhances your ability to exercise buy and sell orders quickly and accurately at the pace of tech stock volatility.

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Disclaimer: SureTrader Blog is not intended for U.S. persons. Stock information is not to be viewed as buy or sell recommendations.

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