Warrior Trading Review: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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Can’t make $ trading? Make $ teaching others! – Reviewing Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading is a live trading room that specializes in momentum trading of stocks under $20. They also offer educational course material that claims to boost trading gains exponentially. The website says:

  • The success rate for beginners is close to 55%
  • The success rate of mid-level traders is higher at 82%
  • The site 100% success rate for private groups who are trading with founder Ross and his associates

But isn’t this a rather big claim? Can even Warren Buffet guarantee 100% success? Where is the proof? Who are those day traders associated with this site? How come there is no proven evidence of their expertise?

Who Is The Founder?
The Warrior Trading About Us page talks about the founder, Ross Cameron and his skills in helping investors day trade momentum stocks. But the question is, why doesn’t Ross Cameron use the same resources to further his cause? After all, if he is such a master of the trade why would he not use it for his gains? Why isn’t there any authentic review of the educational matter? More importantly, why would he share this at all with others? So What Does Warrior Trading Offer?

So realistically, what does the Warrior Trading business model offer?


  • It is undeniably a great marketing strategy
  • The placement of the claims makes it very attractive for new users

However, the positives end right there. There is no audited evidence of their trading prowess neither do they share their educational matter.

  • Is there an audited record of their trading success?
  • Is there a clear game plan or testimonial for viewers to get an idea about the authenticity of the claim?
  • Is there audited proof for any trading account held by Ross Cameron?
  • Is there details of how much Ross Cameron has earned using the same methodology?
  • Is the success percentage of the various traders is not substantiated by corresponding numbers?

Most importantly, Ross Cameron quotes a figure that perhaps the investment biggies like Warren Buffet or George Soros cannot guarantee. Buffet has consistently been among the three richest men in the world, but what’s the reason that he has never claimed any such success rate? Moreover, why is Ross Cameron not using his trading prowess to further his own cause? We all know that momentum trading is fraught with risk but shouldn’t a person who claims 100% success rate, using this knowledge to add to his own wealth?

Therefore Warrior Trading, as a concept, might look attractive, but in terms of authenticity there is a huge question mark? Is the website and its founders transparent, and is there precise detail of their actual achievements? The subscription model is also a major cause of concern, we believe, because users need to commit cash, even before they understand what is offered; really?. Although there is a free trial period, one has to enter credit card details before beginning to trade. Also the low float, high momentum trades are extremely risky.

Do Ross Cameron students actually make money? We’d like to see proof, until then we don’t recommend using this service.

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