How to Utilize our 10,000+ Shortlist

how to utilize our 10,000+ shortlist
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SureTrader offers one of the largest shortlists available from any brokerage – more than 10,000 shortlist stocks. The platform was designed with the short seller in mind. Our SureTrader Active Online Trading program lets you know instantly whether or not shorting a stock is possible or whether there are short selling restrictions. No other platform makes this information so easily accessible. You can trade stocks starting at one penny per share.

As the trading day proceeds, stocks listings are updated in real time. With that information, SureTrader clients can trade instantly, just like professionals. Keep track of the market constantly, and trade not only from your computer but via smartphone by downloading our free mobile app.

Develop a Short Selling Strategy

With such an enormous number of shortlist stocks to choose from, what is the best way for a day trader to utilize this resource? First, analyze companies within a particular sector or valuation to see whether you’ll short sell. Develop a short selling strategy via our demo virtual account. Once you master the art and science of short selling on paper, move on and become a true day trader.

SureTrader doesn’t charge fees for intraday stock shorting of the stocks on our list. Short stocks held overnight are subject to our overnight margin rates.  We offer 6:1 intraday trading leverage. That means you can fund your account with $5K, but are allowed to trade with $30K.

Multiple Clearing Firms

SureTrader provides clearing through multiple firms. Therefore, if any of these firms deem a stock shortable, we can clear it. If the firms we generally work with can’t locate certain securities, we can perform outside of our usual locales for our clients.

How does SureTrader provide all of these benefits to clients? Because all of our trades are executed in a principal capacity, we are your counter-party.

Shorting and Covering

With SureTrader, you can short and cover shortable stocks. This means you don’t actually own the stocks you are shorting. Instead, you borrow stock with a strategy that the price will fall. Then, you buy it back at the lower price, a process known as covering.

Low Minimums and Fees

Along with the largest number of shortlist stocks, SureTrader also provides day traders with competitive minimums and fees. The cash account minimum is zero, while the margin account minimum is just $500. Place your online trade at a penny per share and just $4.95. Our discount margin interest rate gives traders a better deal than other options. That means the higher your balance, the lower your rate.

Superior Customer Service

With SureTrader, you have access to licensed professional traders via email, chat or telephone. If you have questions, our superb customer service support team is there to give you answers. Our dedicated and knowledgeable personnel make SureTrader successful for both business and clients.

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