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Jumei International Holding Limited

3.29 -0.17 (-4.83%)
Stock Symbol JMEI
Current Price 3.29
Change on day-0.17 (-4.83%)
Prev Closing Price 3.52
Opening Price3.72
Volume14 M
3 month average volume1 M
Public Float66.93 M

Tenet Healthcare Corp.

17.14 +2.85 (+19.72%)
Stock Symbol THC
Current Price 17.14
Change on day+2.85 (+19.72%)
Prev Closing Price15.45
Opening Price15.19
Volume7.8 M
3 month average volume3 M
Public Float98.31 M

Appliance Recycling Centers of America, Inc.

1.20 +0.61 (+100.00%)
Stock Symbol ARCI
Current Price 1.20
Change on day+0.61 (+100.00%)
Prev Closing Price 0.61
Opening Price0.89
Volume5 M
3 month average volume207,100
Public Float 4.65 M

Phoenix New Media Limited

4.35 -0.18 (-4.00%)
Stock Symbol FENG
Current Price 4.35
Change on day-0.18 (-4.00%)
Prev Closing Price 4.50
Opening Price3.82
Volume1.6 M
3 month average volume304,084
Public Float N/A

Xplore Technologies Corp.

3.78 +0.56 (+17.50%)
Stock Symbol XPLR
Current Price 3.78
Change on day +0.56 (+17.50%)
Prev Closing Price 3.20
Opening Price3.25
3 month average volume
Public Float9.49 M

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