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AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

1.32 +0.5922 (+81.37%)
Stock Symbol AVEO
Current Price 1.32
Change on day+0.5922 (+81.37%)
Prev Closing Price0.72
Opening Price1.13
Volume 29.5 M
3 month average volume696,731
Public Float86.92 M

Synchronoss Technologies, Inc.

16.86 +4.68 (+38.42%)
Stock Symbol SNCR
Current Price 16.86
Change on day+4.68 (+38.42%)
Prev Closing Price12.18
Opening Price16.50
Volume7.9 M
3 month average volume2 M
Public Float35.88 M

Finjan Holdings, Inc.

3.665 +0.12 (+3.24%)
Stock Symbol FNJN
Current Price 3.665
Change on day+0.12 (+3.24%)
Prev Closing Price3.55
Opening Price3.60
Volume1.6 M
3 month average volume425,400
Public Float6.96 M

Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.

29.8401 -3.90 (-11.56%)
Stock Symbol BBBY
Current Price 29.84
Change on day -3.90 (-11.56%)
Prev Closing Price33.74
Opening Price30.13
Volume 10 M
3 month average volume2.7 M
Public Float 140.14 M

BlackBerry Ltd.

9.79 -1.27 (-11.47%)
Stock Symbol BBRY
Current Price 9.79
Change on day-1.27 (-11.47%)
Prev Closing Price11.06
Opening Price10.21
Volume22 M
3 month average volume10 M
Public Float520.23 M

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