Top 10 Markets to Watch for the Fourth Quarter

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Truthfully anyone can buy and sell stocks or make trades, assuming possession of the funds required. The skill comes into play when the realization is that the purpose of trading is to make a profit not just to provide entertainment with the activity of trading (though there are investors enticed by the adrenaline surge of the trading itself).

How you watch the investments that hold out promise to you is an important part of the process. It’s certainly one option to read the morning paper to see how the market is doing or to read the Wall Street Journal for a prospectus on market futures and forecasted trends. But today there are many real-time views of markets that give investors up-to-the-minute information critical to their next financial move. A few of these resources include:

MoneyShow provides tips on how to use indicators and analysis charts for evaluating opportunities

Tradingsim can provide trading indicators and how to use them effectively

Forbes also brings a plethora of tools and links to additional sites for tracking individual stocks and your portfolio

What Should You Be Watching?

Investing always involves some level of risk. One of the most critical skills investors can develop is that of recognizing trends and indicators that signal shifts in markets, whether the trading is for long-term investments or day trading. Experience will pay huge dividends (and hopefully your choices will as well) toward developing analytical skills that work for you. You can certainly benefit from the wisdom of others while you hone your own techniques.  Recommendations for investments for the remainder of 2015 include:

Kiplinger has their eyes on some selections that deserve your attention:

Conrad Industries (CNRD) – Conrad builds and repairs off-shore equipment such as tugs, barges, and supply vessels. With a doubling of sales since 2010 and a tripling of earnings per share (EPS), Conrad is referred to by one analyst as a “ridiculously cheap stock”. (CRM) – This is a company that provides business software designed to build relationships between businesses and their customers. Although unprofitable, one analyst is predicting a 30% growth rate for the next few years. adopts the use of cloud computing to expand its edge over the competition.

Google (GOOGL) – Who doesn’t like Google?  With a P/E ratio of 19 and growth of 20% annually, the company remains a favored investment.

Novo Nordisk (NVO)  – Novo Nordisk is a Danish company providing diabetes care and hormone replacement therapy. The company has an impressive growth rate that is expected to continue.

MarketWatch has their own alerts for hot stocks, and is currently focused on:

Fitbit (FIT) – for tech-minded investors you will want to consider the track record Fitbit is generating. The company went public this summer at $20, went to approximately $30 after an IPO, and is now trading in the upper $40’s. Expectations are high for a positive earnings report coming soon. Fitbit remains a top player in the wearable technology arena even with the advent of the Apple watch.

Skechers USA (SKX) – With Skechers remarkable growth history and aggressive expansion into international markets they are well-positioned to continue their increases in sales and revenue.

GoPro (GPRO) – GoPro has not seemingly made a case for investors with a less than stellar performance to-date in 2015. But they have managed a recovery from their low early in the year that resulted in a significant gain in earnings per share as opposed to the loss experienced a year ago. International markets are further proving to boost revenue significantly with sales doubling in Europe and the Middle East and even tripling in Asia-Pacific markets.

Forbes also provides a ‘best’ list that currently is highlighting:

Rogers Communications (RCI) – Rogers is the largest provider of cable communications and mobile phone service. To top it off, they own the Toronto Blue Jays.

Kellogg (K) – Why not make dividends while consuming your favorite breakfast cereal? This Battle Creek, Michigan company has a long history of paying reliable dividends to its shareholders.

Merge Healthcare (MRGE) – Merge is a medical imaging company that has experience multiple consecutive quarters of growth that has proven their strategic efforts to improve margins.


Timing is Everything

Whatever selections you determine are the investments you should have on your personal watch list, be sure you have the tools to watch them closely and effectively. You also need the ability to react quickly and reliably to make the most of opportunities as they arise.

You get the best of both worlds when partnering with an online broker that also provides tips and suggestions for trends and hot opportunities for their investors. The guidance they provide should also include the reason why they’re recommending a particular investment, not just providing the guidance itself.

SureTrader is a leading online broker with mobile options available for keeping a watchful eye on the investments you have specific interest in. This kind of flexibility allows for fast reaction when the time is right to buy or sell.    

Disclaimer: SureTrader Blog is not intended for U.S. persons. Stock information is not to be viewed as buy or sell recommendations.

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