SureTrader Introduces New Onboarding Application Process for Day Trader Accounts

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NASSAU, BahamasJuly 12, 2017— SureTrader, a division of Swiss America Securities, Ltd., has announced its implementation of a new onboarding application process for day trader accounts. The online, discount stock and options broker dealer for active traders, has streamlined the application process to ensure that it’s aligned with top class, seamless on-boarding programs in the industry.

“This update was 100 percent centered around and motivated by our clients,” says Guy Gentile, CEO of Swiss America Securities, Ltd. “As much as we are focused on being the leader in low-cost trading, we also want to make it simple for prospective clients to sign up to trade with us because we are convenient and focused on their end-to-end experience.”

SureTrader’s platforms gives day traders access to quality service at an affordable price and is focused on trading technology, customer support and security features to protect customer information. This update to the onboarding application process takes these values one step further.

Most notably, the new onboarding application process has been streamlined to decrease the overall time required to complete the application. It asks for less information from the prospect, however, still maintains the integrity and collects the information necessary to fulfill its compliance requirements.

This update also allows prospects to begin trading faster because the funding and verification process happen simultaneously. Previously, prospects were required to complete the already lengthy application process that was then followed by a compliance review. With the introduction of this new onboarding process for day traders, the compliance review begins earlier in the process which gives the user the option to begin trading sooner.

Additionally, SureTrader assures that with this new onboarding process clients will have a smooth transition from the application process to completing their first trade. The goal of it is to be seamless and enable new day-trading clients to begin trading immediately after verification.

This change is part of the SureTrader’s focus to be more customer service oriented and in turn improve its overall operational process. SureTrader specializes in low-cost trading and executes all trades in a principal capacity, with them as the counterparty, which allows traders to day trade with a six-to-one leverage. Additionally, SureTrader provides three online platforms to trade stocks that range from a free version to a monthly subscription.

This new onboarding application update is already live on the SureTrader website and any prospect interested in applying for a day trader account need only apply at, For more information on Suretrader, a division of Swiss America Securities, Ltd., visit

About: SureTrader is a division of Swiss America Securities, Ltd. and operates as an online, discount stock and options broker dealer for active traders. Brokerage services not intended for U.S. residents. SureTrader offers a trading platform accessible to all experience levels, with market access to retail traders and investors all at a cost-effective price and with the latest technology. SureTrader’s platform technology includes real-time quotes and stock charts in web-based, downloadable or mobile applications for flexibility and convenience. It also features lightning fast stocks, options order executions coupled with real-time market data, advanced order types, multiple charting features, including technical indicators and more. For more on SureTrader, visit

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