The Stock Market Volatility Impact on Online Brokers and Traders

stock market volatility
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All investors expect fluctuations in the stock market, regardless of the financial instruments selected for their particular portfolio: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, currency exchanges, real estate, or commodities. But some market activity impacts online brokers and traders more significantly than “normal” increases and drops in value.

Volatility in markets of such significance that investors perceive a risk of long-term negative impact to their portfolios.

Recent slides in the Chinese economy are a perfect example of this scenario. While cool heads may prevail and wait out such circumstances to analyze the impact using facts and logic, there will also be a certain percentage that will panic and divest themselves of any holdings they anticipate will be negatively impacted. In such conditions investors who utilize an online broker that provides analytical tools to help them evaluate their options benefit greatly over those who tend to over-react to short-term conditions. Online brokers can provide guidance to their client base, and the client should exercise due diligence in making any knee-jerk financial decisions.

Geopolitical events shaking investor confidence.

Today’s global economy is more than ever before impacted by unrelated events taking place not only in local financial markets but around the world. The Reformed Broker cites an example of the Ukrainian conflict in 2014 that resulted in a significant drop in value for technology and biotech stocks. This was not due to any involvement by those businesses or even any particular hint of evidence that the stocks would be adversely affected by the disturbance in that part of the world. It was simply a matter of the holdings being easily sellable making them easy stocks to be divested of for retention of capital. Online brokers can benefit from up or down markets based on execution of buy and sell orders that potentially generate fees and commissions. It’s important for day traders and all clients of online brokers to evaluate the reputations and valued features provided by their selected online broker to reduce their financial exposure from stock market volatility created by such events.

Speed and Accuracy of Execution

Day traders monitor market activity closely looking for opportunities to realize gains in very short periods of time – often in hours or even minutes. Volatility in markets can provide just such opportunities with stocks changing in value throughout the business day. Timing in these cases is critical. This emphasizes the responsibility of the online broker to provide accurate and fast execution of each client’s buy and sell orders. Conversely it rests on the shoulders of the client to utilize the information provided by the online broker to apply available knowledge and analytical tools when placing those orders. With the mix of financial instruments the day trader may include in their investments online brokers must also be positioned to offer access to each of the investment categories desired by clients. The Houston Chronicle emphasizes further considerations related to online broker and client relationships.

Volatility Impact for Online Brokers

Volatility may generate concern or outright financial panic for some investors. Online brokers serve as financial pipelines for day traders facilitating acquisitions and divestitures alike. Providing such services requires utmost confidentiality and integrity on the part of online brokers. By providing reliable guidance and investment recommendations market fluctuations can be navigated with reduced concern for exposure by clients. High levels of integrity and reliability will promote success for the online broker. Relying on broker advice and reacting accordingly while proceeding with due diligence will promote the same success for day trader clients.

Understanding How Market Volatility Impacts Online Brokers and Day Traders

EconomicsHelp presents a review of how stock market fluctuations create potential impact on economies whether positive or negative. Stock market volatility has in the past indicated or predicted recessionary times and even depressions. Global markets today react quickly to news of such activities as government actions to control currency exchange rates, interest rates, and other regulatory activities. Notices of company earnings expectations being raised or lowered are available nearly instantly through internet news sources. Online brokers therefore are charged with providing information to day traders that open opportunities to buy or alert clients to circumstances that warrant sell orders. Day traders can then remain vigilant and react on a timely basis to benefit from the broker’s guidance. 

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Disclaimer: SureTrader Blog is not intended for U.S. persons. Stock information is not to be viewed as buy or sell recommendations.

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