Recent News Events of Note for Apple Traders and Investors

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It’s no surprise that Apple has been at the center of news reports recently. The company reported record earnings for the first quarter ending December 2015 that included both record quarterly revenue and record quarterly net income. Their introduction of the new iPhone SE contributed to the continuing innovation discussed by Tim Cook, CEO. Cook also referred to Apple’s recent significant milestone of one billion active devices.

Apple has been in multiple news reports where they have been called upon to assist with hacking into the iPhones of criminal elements such as the San Bernardino terrorist Syed Farook and also drug-related conspirators in New York. Pressure has been brought to bear on the company by agencies including the FBI to provide assistance in breaking the internal security of the Apple devices to gather evidence or information that may implicate other individuals or organizations in those criminal activities. Law suits were even proposed in an attempt to force Apple to comply, but the company has to date resisted such requests stating that the FBI had not taken all courses of action available to them to bypass the iPhone’s inherent security functions. As it turned out, other elements were able to help the justice department and other authorities obtain the information which released Apple from the requests.

What’s Next for Apple?

Apple also released the news of a new line of MacBook computers available in the coming week that provide sixth-generation Intel processors, improved Intel graphics, faster flash memory, and enhanced battery life. These will be the lightest and thinnest MacBooks Apple has marketed yet, and Apple fanatics are bound to line up for the honor of owning the latest technology.

Apple delayed reporting their second quarter earnings so that company employees and executives could pay their respects to former board member Bill Campbell who had been a technical mentor to some of the leaders of Apple including Steve Jobs. Campbell passed away recently after a long battle with cancer.

Apple Watch continues to expand in popularity among individuals engaged by wearable technology, and the iPhone SE has enjoyed global adoption in early sales. Apple remains one of the best-known leaders of innovative technology and a committed fan base.

Investing in Apple

Analysts point to the fact that Apple is not the rapid-growth investment stock that it has tended to be in years past yet the future remains bright for the company with capable leadership and dedicated teams designing products and software that are consistently embraced by consumers. New product announcements, press releases, and news articles are some of the best sources of information that indicate opportunities for investors and day traders.

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