Putting Tech Stocks News to Work for You

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This was a great week for those who have significant holdings in the right tech markets, certainly. Leading the way was Amazon’s own Jeffery Bezos with a gain of nearly $3 billion on Friday. Others made out quite well such as Alphabet’s co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin with each experiencing gains in excess of $2.4 billion, Bill Gates (Microsoft) raked in $1.08 billion, followed by Mark Zuckerberk of Facebook at $1.07 billion.

Each of these phenomenal gains is the result of pleasantly-received earnings reports that exceeded analyst and investor expectations. The exception to that is Facebook which does not actually report profits until November. In that case the share price appreciated simply on the positive note that other key tech stocks were providing extremely rosy returns.

What’s coming that will Influence Tech Stocks?

Consumers and investors are always waiting for the “next big thing” that will set the tech sector buzzing. Several recent announcements are noteworthy for investors who may see them as signs for potential profit:

Apple – always a news generator – announced their pending release of the iPad Pro coming in November. The iPad Pro is expected to fill the gap between iPad users or iPhone apps and a full-fledged Mac computer. It will compete along the same market segment as Microsoft’s Surface.

Microsoft announced pricing of their offering of $13 billion in senior unsecured notes which will generate revenue for capital expenditures, working capital, repurchase of capital stock, acquisitions, and other purposes.

Microsoft launched Microsoft Office 2016, a significant offering which Microsoft termed a “huge release”. While the user interface remains largely the same to retain users’ consistent comfort level with the new release there are now enhanced features for collaboration and sharing of documents.

Amazon announced a $50 7” Fire tablet. The device is so economical that it’s available by the six-pack for $250 meaning you get one free. At this price the attraction is that for the first time you can afford to have a tablet in the bathroom, one in the car for handy use on the road (not while driving of course), another in the kitchen for recipes, and yet another in the workshop for looking up how-to videos when you have the need. As inexpensive tablets go Amazon states that the unit is solidly built with a high-quality display – it even accommodates an SD card slot.

It remains to be seen what the consumer acceptance of these new offerings will be, but each will undoubtedly be a factor in each of the companies’ next earnings reports.

Taking Action on Tech Stock News

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Disclaimer: SureTrader Blog is not intended for U.S. persons. Stock information is not to be viewed as buy or sell recommendations.

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