How to Profit from Day Trading

How to Profit from Day Trading
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Profit is the whole idea behind day trading. Making a profit from day trading requires knowledge and strategy. SureTrader can help you acquire both of these necessities. All successful trading relies on buying low and selling high – with the exception of short selling. Conventional investing advises the buy and hold method. Day trading takes the opposite tack – it’s all about market timing, often down to the split second. That’s another aspect day traders enjoy – the sheer excitement of trading leading to profit.

The Right Platform

Making a profit from day trading isn’t possible without a state-of-the-art platform offering real time information, charting features, and lightning fast executions. That’s what we offer at SureTrader. Our easily navigable platform is intuitive. We provide traders with a 10,000+ shortlist, the largest of any brokerage. SureTrader also offers 6:1 leverage for intraday trading.

Our 100K Free Demo

Day trading requires discipline and strategic development. Simply jumping into this world without proper training is a guaranteed way not to profit from day trading. Many people do start day trading without fully understanding the methodology or using the wrong tools. There is always risk in day trading, but as in any other endeavor, knowledge and planning makes a huge difference in the outcome. In day trading, good research and strong data is always the key to success. Using our virtual, free 100K demo allows you to learn and hone your day trading skills before actual funds are involved.

High Betas

When day trading, you want stocks with high betas. That’s the term used for how fast a stock may rise or fall. You want a stock with high trading volume and to buy it when its starts its acceleration, then sell quickly for a profit. Stocks trading at very low prices but with high volume are another way to profit from day trading. For such stocks, volatility is at least 1 percent daily. Some day traders want as much volatility as possible, while others concentrate on less volatile but high volume stocks with sufficient price moves to make money. Some traders react primarily to events moving the markets, such as international news, earnings reports and the like. As you practice your trading, you’ll discover the type of stock and action making you the most comfortable – and making you money. There’s no one-size-fits-all for successful day trading, but all profitable day traders do their homework.

Risk Management

Proper risk management is essential for making a profit from day trading. It’s usually not wise to risk more than 1 percent of capital on any individual trade. Treat your day trading like the business it is, even if you are only doing it part-time.

Getting Started

Get started with SureTrader, a platform fitting any online trading style. In addition to competitive rates and excellent customer service, SureTrader offers pre-and-post marketing trading, so you can react to events shaping the markets even when the market is closed.  At SureTrader, you can trade wherever you are via our free mobile app.

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