Outlook of Holiday Market Trends and Day Trader Influence

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‘Tis the Season – Holiday Market Trends are Already Taking Shape

In the US, Thanksgiving Day has now past and the traditional Black Friday shopping extravaganza has lived up to retailer expectations. Shopping malls and other retailers experienced the anticipated influx of shoppers ready to part with their holiday dollars not only for clothing and smaller gift items but also for such big-ticket items as big screen televisions, tablet computers, and smart phones. Online shopping already has taken hold in record numbers with cyber shoppers contributing $4 billion since Thanksgiving Day – an increase of 15% over last year’s volume. The National Retail Federation reported that 80% of holiday shoppers – nearly 184 million – plan to do shopping on Cyber Monday.

In the US economy retail markets support 1 in 4 jobs amounting to 42 million positions across 3.8 million retail establishments. Recovering economic conditions in the US and globally are contributing to retailers’ optimistic view. Recent surveys of US adults indicated that over 66% reported that the current economy will impact their holiday plans including travel, entertainment, and other gift spending considerations. Additionally 45% indicated that gas prices will also have an impact on spending habits. Lower energy costs have provided consumers with more expendable income just in time to benefit retailers.

Many retailers are offering bargains for a longer duration this holiday season making their traditional Black Friday pricing available earlier and extending those prices beyond the Thanksgiving weekend. This is due in part to competition for shoppers and also in an attempt to generate satisfied customers that will return long after the holiday season, creating a long-term relationship with new customers.

Global Holiday Market Outlook

Canadian retailers are forecasting a less than stellar holiday season due to lower than expected growth in the GDP and an upward slide in unemployment. Retailers will be in strong competition for profits with tight margins. Gains in expendable income from reduced energy expenses have largely been offset by significant increases in retail prices. All these factors lead to the realistic view that holiday spending will be somewhat subdued.

It’s not uncommon in some European countries for consumers to make a trip across their borders to neighboring countries to save money where goods are priced more attractively. Faltering economies and recessionary conditions are making consumers much more cautious in the products purchased and amount spent on gift giving. Perfumes and cosmetics remain some of the most popular purchases made for holiday giving in many European countries echoing the trend that has been noted over the past eight years. South African consumers surveyed indicated that perfumes and cosmetics would be the gifts most likely to be purchased for others, although the gift they would most like to receive was cash.

How the Holiday Market Outlook can Impact Your Trades

One of the key concerns consumers have expressed for their shopping preferences is trust in the retailers they patronize. In fact a PwC survey reveals that 86% of consumers purchase brands that they trust. Day traders would do well to keep in mind that shoppers will be inclined to do a considerable amount of their purchasing with brands possessing positive reputations and media feedback. Word gets out faster than ever today when businesses fail to make good on their promises whether that addresses pricing, product availability, or delivery guarantees. Negative media coverage such as attacks by cybercriminals or theft of consumer information can have an immediate and significant impact on sales and stock prices. Keep abreast of such news events that may influence the value of your financial assets or the viability of your buy orders.

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