News and Impact on Trading and Investing from Recent US Dollar News

US Dollar News
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There Has Been Plenty of Recent US Dollar News

US stock markets and the US dollar have been in the news for many reasons in recent weeks.

Wall Street tumbled this week amid falling oil prices and declining bond yields that impacted not only US but also global bond markets. As Great Britain considers leaving the European Union (EU) anxious investors consider the impact on global currencies including the US dollar and US bond markets.

Such concerns make traders and even long-term investors seek safer choices in their trades. Interest in US government bonds is rising as bonds in other countries such as Japan and Germany have declined to unprecedented lows. This makes US bonds the bright spot in historically safe government bond market segments. Erik Davidson at Wells Fargo Private Bank indicated that residual concerns remaining from the financial crisis drive investors to vehicles that they perceive as safer havens.

The US dollar itself was up .23% standing out as an exception to a mix of other currencies that have not fared as well in recent months.

US business investment has experienced a slump as companies hesitate to part with capital in the current US economy, even as consumer spending has experienced an upswing and the summer travel and vacation season is anticipating higher participation and profitability than over the past few years. Businesses express a certain level of anxiety over the political climate and the upcoming Presidential election. Some business owners opine that Donald Trump will likely be friendlier to business interests than if Hillary Clinton takes office. Regardless of the political outcome spending remains under close scrutiny by business decision-makers.

US oil production has increased recently with more rigs springing back to life over the past couple of weeks, generating the impact of reduced US-produced crude prices due to rising supplies.

The US Federal Reserve also has hinted that interest rate hikes alluded to earlier in the year will likely be put on hold due to sluggish economic reports including poor employment statistics reported due to the lack of new jobs being created over most recent months.

Reactions to US Dollar News by Traders and Investors

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