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As investors and traders in the global financial markets, it behooves each of us to keep abreast of recent or expected developments that could have an impact on our short-term trades and long-term investments. Here are a few developments that deserve mention whether you’re in the market for the long haul or day trading:

The Ticker Tape has raised concerns over recent drops in global oil prices. With the Chinese economy faltering, consumption (and therefore demand) has been dropping. China is the world’s second largest consumer of oil so any significant drop in demand impacts the global oil market. On the plus side since a drop in oil prices means lower prices at the pump for consumers other industries may benefit from the additional expendable income that allows consumers to purchase more goods and services.

Consumer retail markets including automobile dealers stand to benefit from lower oil prices particularly if the downturn persists for any length of time.

Additional mention from The Ticker Tape:

The Ticker Tape’s observation regarding the looming US Federal Reserve decision on interest rate adjustments: while the US economy appears to support an increase in interest rates (the first since 2006) not all Federal Reserve members share the same consensus, resulting in a “wait and see” scenario for businesses and investors alike.

Disney (DIS) shares recorded the largest one-day drop in their history. This is on the heels of reporting missing their revenue expectations this month. While this is not expected to strongly impact investment in Disney, the company also advised that a strong dollar could also “adversely impact” 2016 operating income.

CNBC reports that Fitbit growth is being driven by operating expenditures in order to increase sales by a factor of 3.5. CEO James Park addressed concerns related to reduced margins by emphasizing that the expenditures contributed to increased second quarter revenue. Park implicated multiple factors in the decline including foreign exchange, increasing capacity for Fitbit’s best-selling fitness tracking products, and costs connected with higher selling prices of those products.

Park also stressed that Fitbit’s strategy will result not only in short-term benefits, but will also lay the foundation for future growth. Park may have that right, as analyst predictions were exceeded and revenue tripled from the same period the prior year to $400 million.

Monitoring and Taking Advantage

When considering your personal impact from breaking news or market volatility you will want to ensure you have the ability to react quickly and reliably to such fluctuations or financial opportunities.

SureTrader is a leading online broker with mobile options available for keeping a watchful eye on the investments you have specific interest in and changing financial markets. You can leverage this access to information and trading ability to your financial advantage.

Disclaimer: SureTrader Blog is not intended for U.S. persons. Stock information is not to be viewed as buy or sell recommendations.

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