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What’s the Latest Apple News?

Apple has long been the darling of tech stocks with the company’s reputation for leading the way in advanced technology and high-powered, easy-to-use computers for both personal and professional use. Never a company to rest on their laurels the leadership has created a loyal following that is predictably anxious to buy into the latest products released in computers, tablets, and the ever-popular iPhone.

India is now viewed as Apple’s largest potential market, with a reduction in growth within the business’ mainstay markets in the US and China. Smartphone providers have identified India as the single fastest-growing market for their products in the world. Apple CEO Tim Cook has recently visited the country to demonstrate the company’s commitment not only to sell in that market but also to show that Apple intends to invest strongly in India. Cook’s trip to Hyderabad, India served to open a new Apple technology center focused on developing applications for their iPhone, Apple Watch, iPads, and Mac computers.

Apple’s $59 billion business in China continues to provide significant revenue where 80% of the top-selling smartphones are iPhones. But China and US markets have become largely saturated, where India is seen as the single largest growth market as China was a decade ago. To illustrate the company’s stance on India, Cook pointed to the fact that iPhone sales in India were up 56% in the most recent quarter reported.

Is There Any Negative Apple News?

As with any tech stock, there are always competitors out to knock the king from his throne and Apple is no different. Windows computers have been the leader in sales of computers sold in the US with the Mac platform taking the number two position. In the first quarter of 2016, Macs were bumped to the number three position behind Google’s Chromebook system. Google CEO Sundar Pichai was quick to point out the news by tweeting in part “now #2 in the US!” to his nearly half million followers.

Stock values for Apple have not been exactly a happy story for investors over the past year or so. In fact, since its high point in February 2015, Apple’s value has dropped nearly $240 billion or 29%. This gives Apple the dubious distinction of being the fourth largest stock loss among companies currently in the S&P 500. Analysts point to Apple as one of the leading causes of the overall drop in the Dow.

Still investors are comforted for the long term in the profitability of the company and quality of leadership.

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Apple’s stock price in recent years has been closely paralleled by the company’s iPhone sales. As the smartphone market has become more mature and saturated and sales flatten the stock price reflects that pattern. Investors need to keep a close eye on company stated direction for new iPhone releases and moves into new markets ahead of the competition.

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