Investing and Day Trading Online

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How Does Investing Online Differ from Traditional Investing?

Before the introduction of technology to the world of investing, making a choice for an investment meant getting a tip from a broker by phone, reading a news article that inspires purchasing or selling a particular stock, reading the financial news pages, or watching market news and stock tickers on television. The next step was calling your broker to place buy and sell orders. If your broker was not immediately available, you may not get the results you expected from the opportunity you had identified.

Then the internet came along and soon after the world witnessed the introduction of high-speed access to news, financial markets, stock tickers, and more in real time. Technology soon took great strides with portable laptop computers, then smartphones, and now tablets and other powerful computing devices with applications and powerful software that make financial information and investing decisions more reliable. Now they are based on real-time facts rather than guesswork or pure broker recommendations.

One of the true advantages of investing online in this way is the sheer speed of executing your orders through your broker. The old method of making a phone call or leaving a message made your investment timing subject to delays that could have a significant impact on your profits or even turn what may have been profits into losses.

How do You Get Started with Investing Online?

Investing online means you need several important tools:

  • A computing device such as a desktop or laptop computer, smartphone, or tablet
  • High-speed internet access or a secure WiFi access connection
  • Software that provides essential information such as real-time market updates, current news feeds, graphing and monitoring tools, and most importantly – immediate access to your online broker for placing your investing orders.

Before you begin with investing online you need to have a strategy in place that guides your investment decisions. Your investment strategy includes:

Risk tolerance – how much can you afford to lose without suffering significant financial impact? Make your investing online decisions cautiously such that any single loss does not bring your investment activity to a sudden halt. Start slowly as you learn the techniques of online investing or day trading.

Investment categories – decide in advance what financial vehicles you plan on investing in: stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, options, futures, or a mix of multiple categories. Steer clear of investing online in areas you’re unfamiliar with or do not understand.

Continuous learning – investing online and day trading are skills that are honed over a period of time as you gain experience. Many internet sites such as NASDAQ provide tools and tips to help you get started with investing online. Keep close track of what investments work for you and those that were less than profitable so that you can avoid future mistakes and benefit from successes. As you gain more experience you will become more comfortable with technical tools such as multiple charting techniques, observation of index movements, and recognition of market trends that impact your investment decisions.

SureTrader – Your Partner for Investing Online

SureTrader is an online broker that provides traders and investors with the tools and accessibility needed to optimize gains and minimize losses. With real-time news feeds and market information, online investors can make reliable investment decisions and count on lightning-fast trade execution. This makes investing online efficient and practical for both beginners and the most experienced investors.

Our technology supports everything from free web-based software available for mobile platforms to advanced desktop computing platforms. Both Android and iOS mobile platforms are supported.

SureTrader provides the best platforms for investing online with advanced software, reliable and accurate execution of trade orders, and award-winning customer service and support available 24×7.

Contact SureTrader right away to get started investing online with the best in online brokers.

Disclaimer: SureTrader Blog is not intended for U.S. persons. Stock information is not to be viewed as buy or sell recommendations.


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