Investing Alternatives to US Stock Markets

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What Options Do Day Traders Have as Investing Alternatives to US Stock Markets?

Investors today have much to be concerned about in the US stock market and the US economy in general:

  • The Dow Jones recently experienced four straight weeks of losses
  • Fed officials have indicated that there may be an interest rate hike in the cards
  • Analysts are anticipating a drop of corporate earnings in the 15% range from last year
  • S&P 500 investors realized gains only in the range of 1.2% last year, and the S&P is negative year to date. This hardly presents an optimistic view for investors.

What is the average day trader to do to offset the current negative forecasts for US markets? There are actually numerous alternatives to investing in US stocks:

Forex – the foreign exchange is the global market for trading in currencies. Based on trading volume, forex is the world’s largest market. Activity includes the buying, selling and trading of currencies based on current price or a determined value.

Investments in stocks offered in other markets such as those in South America, Europe, Asia, and others. With time differences taken into consideration, day traders can be active with trading in international markets when the US markets are closed, taking advantage of the knowledge of international news events that could impact prices and open the door for profits. Some online brokers also provide the ability to trade in after-hours markets.

Commodities – investors often trade in these assets for multiple reasons:

  • Stock prices have been known to become totally worthless, resulting in the complete loss of any shares you own. Commodities have never dropped to zero.
  • Although your investment in such commodities as gold, silver, oil, or even food products such as wheat or salt may drop in price, there will always be some value inherent in the fact that you own a physical asset.

Global environmental issues have led climate and pollution-focused investors into putting at least a portion of their portfolios toward businesses involved in the research and development of alternative energy sources. This not only presents an opportunity for financial gain but also makes a statement for the environment and provides a feeling of environmental consciousness.

Known among investors as ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and often referred to as sustainable investing, these assets have shown increased popularity today. ESG investments are not limited to any individual country but are common to many markets.

Investing Alternatives and Your Online Broker         

SureTrader is the online broker that opens the world to day traders with access to a wide variety of investment choices including international markets. Sophisticated full-featured platforms keep clients up to date with the news they need to make profitable choices. Some of the advantages of selecting SureTrader as your online broker include:

  • Multiple platforms including our free web-based trading platform and our powerful desktop trading platform with the advanced features that benefit day traders and produce profits
  • Mobile applications that allow access to clients’ accounts and trades on Android and iOS devices
  • Unparalleled customer support staffed by real people 24×7 to resolve problems and answer questions. Award-winning support is available via live chat, email, or phone
  • Fast and accurate trades that ensure buy and sell orders are executed quickly and efficiently
  • No pattern day trading rules
  • Powerful tools such as multiple charting types and technical indicators
  • Availability to execute trades even in after-hours markets

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Disclaimer: SureTrader Blog is not intended for U.S. persons. Stock information is not to be viewed as buy or sell recommendations.

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