How to Find Hot Stock Tips that Really Work for Traders

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Where Do You Find Hot Stock Tips?

When discussing “hot tips” for investors and day traders we’re not referring to a friend or relative’s “can’t miss” opportunity that will make you rich overnight. What you need as a day trader or even long-term investor is reliable information that can be trusted and seems logical as a sound financial investment.

There are some good basic investment tips that all investors should live by, whether for long-term or day trading strategies:

  • Do your homework – have basic knowledge of the company or financial vehicle that you’re considering purchasing so that you’re not blind-sided by conditions such as a company that goes under as soon as you make your investment.
  • Set your strategy before executing trades so that you have a predetermined exit point. This means that even if your investment does drop in value you have a non-emotional price where you cut your losses and don’t go any lower. This includes market timing. Watch stock charts to observe trends on when a stock rises and falls throughout the day to take advantage of that knowledge.
  • Emotions – they have no place in the day trading business. Stick to what works based on experience and your established strategy.
  • Speaking of strategy – determine what your strategy really is and apply discipline that aligns with your financial strategy. Day trading strategy of making quick rotations of buy and sell orders is in direct conflict with a long-term investor’s “buy and hold” mode. Decide which approach you’re going to follow.

Hot Stock Tips for Buying and Selling

So how do you find current hot tips that fit into your strategy and trading approach? There are literally thousands of sites on the internet loaded with just the “guidance” you need of course. Some are credible, others are of questionable value, and still others are unscrupulous websites ready to separate you from your financial capital. How do you separate good information from scammers?

Your first source of information may very well be your online broker. If you’re a day trader or independent investor you have an online broker that facilitates your orders to buy and sell. Through alerts and investment tools available on your broker’s site you can get invaluable information to guide you toward potential trade opportunities. If your broker doesn’t provide such trending or alert tools maybe it’s time to find a different online broker.

News feeds. Everyone with a computer can access news as it happens today. Much of this news can be of benefit to daytraders who learn to interpret the news for financial gains (or to avoid losses). Such news as political turmoil in a country or region can lead to changes in supply or demand for goods and services, or may devalue currencies associated with those activities. Here, again some online brokers offer direct links to news feeds that serve as convenient sources of information for their clients.

Publications can also prove extremely valuable for the same reason, such as the websites of CNN, Wall Street Journal, and others. Each of these has pages dedicated to financial topics and news articles of interest to day traders and other types of investors.

Sites of particular interest to daytraders include:

MarketWatch – a source of news feeds and current information, including a list of sites for stock tips

Stockwinners – among other information this site includes current stock recommendations

Investors Business Daily – this one even includes guidance on why investors should avoid “hot tips”.

Investor Place – current trends, market insights, and hot topics of interest

These are of course only a few examples of sources a day trader can benefit from to wade through the waters of buy and sell options. As you utilize sources of information you will quickly learn from experience those that line up with your strategy and those that provide little or no value to your financial well-being.

Putting Your Hot Stock Tips to Work for You

Hot stock tips and killer strategies will serve no purpose for you unless you can put them to work quickly while the opportunity is there. Day trading is reliant on quick-hit buy and sell orders executed with precision. Hesitation or poor timing can turn great gains into losses. Turning information into profits requires a reliable online broker with tools that help you trade quickly and consistently.

SureTrader is a leading online broker that provides real-time stock tickers and news feeds that give clients the tools and insight that keeps day traders informed of market trends and ahead of the curve from other traders. This empowers SureTrader customers with the knowledge needed to make quick decisions that take advantage of critical timing for buying and selling. Information crosses both national and global markets. SureTrader’s sophisticated technology facilitates the lightning-fast trades that make you successful. Keep up to the minute on your trades utilizing desktop and mobile applications that ensure timely access to SureTrader services – smartphone access is provided for both iOS and Android platforms. SureTrader investors are assured of friendly and courteous support 24×7 to allow execution of trades quickly and efficiently even in after-hours trading.

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Disclaimer: SureTrader Blog is not intended for U.S. persons. Stock information is not to be viewed as buy or sell recommendations.

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