Consumer Electronics – Holiday Bargains for Shoppers – and Investors?

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What are the Holiday Trends for Consumer Electronics Stocks?

For the past several years and the foreseeable future consumer electronics have taken center stage when holiday purchases are considered. Whether buying something special for themselves or purchasing a gift for someone on their holiday shopping list electronics are some of the most desired products especially among younger generations. Some of the most popular purchases include:

  • Televisions and blue-ray players
  • Smart phones and tablet computers
  • Computers and related devices
  • Digital cameras and video recorders
  • Recording and playback devices such as MP3 players
  • Video and computer games such as Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii
  • Recently – wearable electronics such as fitness monitors

With the holiday demand come increased sales volume but also increased competition. Retailers pursuing consumer dollars during the holiday shopping season traditionally trim prices to draw in shoppers and move high volumes of inventory quickly. While retailers are reducing prices both to increase traffic into their stores and also to their ecommerce websites they still realize peak profits during this season from volume and purchases of alternate (and often higher-priced) products or models.

While retailers are working hard to meet sales goals the suppliers of these consumer products are likewise benefiting from the holiday sales volumes. Holidays are the perfect time for consumer electronics manufacturers to release new products that tempt consumers and also to clear inventories of older models. These sales and inventory reductions combine to improve the bottom line and in turn boost investor confidence that raises stock value.

Dow Jones US Composite Index for Consumer Electronics includes such segment giants as Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, and others. Monitoring this index gives investors insight to the movement and volatility of the market to make decisions for buying and selling.

What Other Consumer Electronics Stocks are Impacted?

Even if margins and stock prices for electronics giants such as Samsung, Sony, and Apple are not at their optimum levels for day traders, think about alternatives. Most of these impressive technology corporations rely on third parties for at least a portion of their components. Samsung in particular sourced some components for the Galaxy S4 model sold in the US from application processor company Qualcomm, while some models also contain an image processor provided by Fujitsu, and a glass component provided by Corning, a US company.

Other product manufacturers function in a similar manner when sourcing components for their products. With a little research you can uncover the sources of critical components and track performance of those providers. Often those companies may prove to be better investments for day traders than the giants who incorporate their materials into actual products.

Regardless of your decision to invest in end-product enterprises or those businesses that provide critical components do your research to evaluate performance and historical information available.

Making Consumer Electronics Stocks Work for You

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