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  • The Ultimate Guide to Analysis: Technical vs. Fundamental
    Category: Trading Tips
    Day traders use technical and fundamental analysis when trading securities. While technical analysis is used much more than fundamental analysis, both play a role in successful day trading. As traders hone their trading strategies they readmore
  • How to Day Trade with the Arms Index
    Category: Trading Tips
    Not many people develop a top technical indicator to which their name is permanently attached, but that was the situation with Richard W. “Dick” Arms Jr. back in the 1960s. Half a century later, this readmore
  • Components of a Stock Chart
    Category: Market & Stocks
    Successful day trading involves learning about the various aspects of technical analysis, especially stock charts. Your initial glance at a stock chart may prove daunting, but it doesn’t take long to learn all the components readmore
  • Day Trading on Margin
    Category: Trading Tips
    Using margin to day trade means using leverage to trade with more money than is currently in your brokerage account. This greatly enhances your ability to trade, but also carries risk. Trading on margin is readmore
  • How to Use Trailing Stops
    Category: Trading Tips
    The primary goal of day trading is short-term gains, while managing your downside risk. That’s obvious. The wise use of trading stops lessens your potential losses, and their use is a crucial strategy for any readmore
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