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  • SureTrader CEO calls bull on cryptocurrency, KODAKCoin
    Category: News
    On January 9th, The Eastman Kodak Company announced that it would be launching its own digital currency called KODAKCoin. According to Kodak the cryptocurrency will, “allow photographers to take part in a new economy for readmore
  • Day Trading vs. Longer-Term Trading
    Category: Uncategorized
    Day trading, or intraday trading, all takes place within 24 hours. Technically, longer-term trading refers to anything beyond that one-day period, but for most traders, longer-term trading involves weeks, months or longer. Day traders may also conduct longer-term readmore
  • Day Trading Trend Analysis
    Category: Blog
    As day traders say, “The trend is your friend.” Of course, finding that trendy friend requires familiarity with day trading trend analysis and how to find the trend in day trading. Day traders rely on readmore
  • Day Trading with the Gann Square
    Category: Blog
    As your day trading skills improve, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with and use more sophisticated trading tools. That’s where the Gann square comes in. You’ll need a high comfort level with charting before immersing readmore
  • The Ultimate Guide to Analysis: Technical vs. Fundamental
    Category: Blog
    Day traders use technical and fundamental analysis when trading securities. While technical analysis is used much more than fundamental analysis, both play a role in successful day trading. As traders hone their trading strategies they readmore
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