7 Great Reasons Why You Should Consider SureTrader

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Online brokerage firms have been christened all sorts of nasty tags today.

I’m sure your reaction, when you hear about a brokerage firm, is a facepalm moment and then, “oh no, not again, I’m about to get financially ruined for the millionth time!”

The truth is: yeah, you are right but then again; have you considered that maybe you’ve been looking for the right stuff in the wrong… how shall I say this… brokerage places.

You need to go to the right source to get the right results if you want to learn to day trade. It’s that simple. That’s how you tighten your online trading efforts effectively.

What is Stocks Trading?

I’m sure you know what stock trading means. Well, I’ll skip the fancy definitions and just aim for a bullseye – clean and effective.

Stock trading is simply buying and selling stocks and other securities through the stock market. And in case you didn’t know stocks are shares in the ownership of a company. Easy right?

Well, SureTrader does just that but in a much more effective fashion for beginners and experts alike.

I know what you are thinking. There is a lot of competition out there but let me help narrow down why you should consider SureTrader as your online broker:

You don’t need much capital to begin:

“Hello there, we are XYZ brokering firm. To start with us you need to give an arm and a leg and another to start trading with us”

Does that sound familiar? That is exactly how other brokerage firms sound because they require a lot of capital to get started. Not SureTrader.

No one should have to go broke trying to trade stocks… Especially in the beginning stages. Stocks are investments and investments are not meant to wreck you financially. They are meant to build your financial power instead.

For SureTrader, all you need to start trading actively is a paltry sum of $500 dollars and you get this with a 6:1 leverage!

Can you top that? Nope, I doubt you can.

SureTrader is very beginner-friendly and understands that money is a huge handicap for new traders. They are willing to let you pick up and trade one or more securities and still have enough to live within your means comfortably.

Tip – I always suggest new traders start with a minimum of $5000.00 which will give you a nice financial starting point.

SureTrader Allows You to Avoid the Nasty PDT Rule:

How would you feel if you were told that you couldn’t get into a club because it was meant for the elite?

It is sure to be heart-wrenching. Especially if you are really passionate about the club.

Well, if you are up for circumventing the rules and getting what you want then you are in for a treat.

Remember FINRA, the killjoy Financial Industry Regulatory Authority?

Well, they have this annoying rule about having $25,000 in equity before you are allowed to be a Pattern Day Trader. It’s called the PDT (Pattern Day Trader) rule.

What is Pattern Day Trader Rule?

In short, the PDT rule states you need $25,000 in your margin account at all times or you can’t trade more than 3 times in 5 consecutive trading days.

There are many legitimate ways to avoid the PDT rule and SureTrader is one of the best for new traders.

Imagine how much money you would be leaving on the table if this PDT rule couldn’t be circumvented – especially as only very few people can afford to have $25,000 reserved in equity.

Luckily SureTrader means business and they are willing to level the playing field. And with their robust tools, they have been able to ensure that you can profit from Pattern Day Trading as long as you have the required minimum funds to trade.

Tip – Avoiding the PDT rule doesn’t mean over trade. Be mindful of your trading no matter which brokerage firm you trade at.

SureTrader Gives You 6 Times Margin:

Before you ask let me just tell you. Margin is borrowed money from a broker to purchase stock.

The good news is: SureTrader is willing to lend you 6 times your equity to purchase stocks and securities you ordinarily couldn’t afford. That’s a 6:1 margin. In other words, if you have a $3,000 in capital you can leverage up to $18,000 to trade.

That’s enormous!

So you see, you don’t need to let all those sweet trade opportunities pass you by. SureTrader’s got your back.

Tip – Never hold borrowed money overnight. It’s not worth the risk.

You Can Trade on The DAS Platform:

DAS is an acronym for Direct Access Software. It is one of the leading solutions for online brokers and traders and also reputably very efficient in execution too.

I’m sure that you are wondering, “what do I stand to gain by getting access to trade on the DAS platform?”

It is huge.

DAS offers the option of Direct Access Trading which allows traders and brokers alike to directly channel their orders to specific electronic networks, exchanges, and markets. In other words, they help you focus your aim – No more ‘wild shots in the dark’ trading.

You are able to make informed decisions about your choice of routes, markets, exchanges, and so on. You have much more control.

That’s not all.

You also get a very optimized and lightning-fast speed of execution for your trades and the absence of the middleman removes all the annoying bottlenecks in trading that can delay fills or limit liquidity.

SureTrader has this function available for its users to leverage for their trading.

Tip – If you want to execute a pre-selected trade by pressing a keystroke check out DAS’ hotkeys at SureTrader.

SureTrader Has a Great Short Borrow List:

A short borrow list is a list where traders can ‘borrow’ stocks to sell them short. If you aren’t familiar with shorting stocks there are some simple examples here to help you in your understanding.

Basically shorting is the practice of selling stocks that you do not own (but borrow) and subsequently buy them at a later time to replace the borrowed shares.

It works this way.

Say there is a stock ‘XYZ’ that you are confident will drop in price. You can simply go to SureTrader’s short borrow list and borrow that stock if it’s on the list. If it is you can sell it short.

Then when the price goes down you can proceed to buy back the stock you initially sold short and return those shares to SureTrader.

Not every online broker has a robust short borrowing list. SureTrader does.

Tip – Don’t get upset if a stock is hard to borrow. It could mean it is over borrowed which could potentially cause a short squeeze.

SureTrader Has Competitive Pricing:

You must be wondering, “For all these goodies I’m getting there must be a steep price to pay.”

Fortunately, this is one of those moments I’m actually happy to disappoint you. You don’t have to pay through your nose to trade at SureTrader.

Their pricing is one of the most competitive for all the features it offers.

They charge a penny per share with a minimum of $4.95! No hidden or unexpected charges.

If you trade huge volumes (in the region of 250,000 shares and above) every month then you get to pay even lower fees.

Tip – Make sure you read through their commission and pricing list carefully and ask any questions before you start trading.

You Can Trade During Pre-Market and After-Hours:

It is widely known that some of the most important moves in the market take place outside of the regular trading hours – the Pre-market and After-hours. And a lot of investors are very keen to make profits during these volatile periods.

Not only that, the behavior of the market during these period supplies valuable information to traders that they can leverage for optimal trading during the official trading hours (9:30 am – 4 pm EST). Also, some important economic updates are released one hour or so before trading officially starts.

Remember the early bird and the worm?

It’s the same in trading. The juiciest stocks are gobbled up during these periods leaving remnants for the late-comers.

SureTrader offers the opportunity for traders to trade stocks during pre-market and after-hours as part of its features which can benefit you greatly as your trading experience grows.

Tip – Before trading pre market or after hours, make sure you are well versed at trading regular hours first.


There you have it… , seven reasons why I recommend the SureTrader. Hopefully, you understand that all traders are out to maximize profits and cut losses quickly. Trading doesn’t have to be a pain.

It isn’t if you have the right tools.

In my opinion, SureTrader is that silver bullet you’ve been seeking.

Now the question is… Are you willing to take the shot?

Your move.

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