5 Reasons You Should Buy Apple Stock Right Now

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What Is Your Investment Strategy?

In a nutshell everyone’s purpose for investing is to make a profit, whether it’s for long-term or short-term gains. We all look for low-risk high-return investments to shore up our portfolios and protect against losses. Some of the companies with the longest histories of returns and dividends are the most respected in investment circles that include financial groups, stock brokers and individual investors alike.

Apple (AAPL) is one such company. Although every company has their “teachable moments” where they experience losses or a product introduction with less than stellar results, it’s the long-term consistent performance and successful business strategy that elevate a company to the recognition enjoyed world-wide by Apple. Whether or not you consider a single disappointment in one product to be of significant importance that generates hesitation toward diving into Apple investments there are numerous reasons and indicators to move forward with investing in AAPL.


Apple’s founder Steve Jobs is legendary in his reputation for creative intuition and the ability to drive his visions to reality. For many years Apple and Jobs were viewed as a package. Jobs was personally responsible for the selection of current Apple CEO Tim Cook, who was groomed through multiple positions in the company to take the helm during Jobs’ unfortunate medical complications and his eventual departure from the company. Enterprises have been known to acquire companies with a side goal of gaining the expert leadership of the acquired business. Jobs obviously saw such abilities in Cook that are already coming to fruition based on Apple’s performance – in 1999 Apple became the most valuable company by market in history.

Brand Recognition

Who of us has never heard of Apple?  That’s exactly the point of branding. Everyone knows and respects the market share and product viability that Apple computers and iPhones bring to the market. How many iPods and iPads are in circulation and continue to proliferate the world of both consumer technology and corporate IT? Every release of a new Apple product is met with consumer anticipation and long lines circling Apple retail stores. Which brings up another point – Apple retail stores continue to lure steady volumes of consumers from New York City to Beijing.

Mac computer sales continue to be strong and profitable while iPhones capture the attention of application developers and consumers around the globe. And who can say they’ve never downloaded a movie, TV show, or music from iTunes? The name is almost synonymous with online media access.

Market Position

No one has total domination in the technology sector but Apple certainly retains a top seat as a leader in the market. Businesses and competitors both look closely at Apple’s strategy and are influenced by their activity. Recent partnerships with other companies such as IBM and retailers Panera Bread and Whole Foods Market demonstrate growth potential and broadening business strategy. Apple pay is paving the way to new methods for consumer payments and the Apple watch is gaining momentum in the wearable technology market.


Read the many available investment guidelines and opinions on the internet and you’ll find a common perception where Apple is concerned – reliability and consistency. Some examples of those you may want to refer to:

CheatSheet – detailed reasons that will build confidence in Apple investing

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AmericasMarkets – USA Today report on Apple investing

Of course with the fascination the market holds in Apple there are literally thousands of blogs, financial advisors, and brokers with articles and opinions on AAPL. Always consider the reliability of the source when reading such information.

Making Money

This is after all the primary goal. With Apple’s consistent growth in net income and a cash position in the range of $178 billion they are well-positioned in their market to take advantage of new acquisition opportunities or product developments.

Important consideration:

When proceeding with investment opportunities evaluate online brokers thoroughly and select one with credible references. You also want to be able to trust the service and pricing of your online broker who will execute your trades promptly and consistently.

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Disclaimer: SureTrader Blog is not intended for U.S. persons. Stock information is not to be viewed as buy or sell recommendations.

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